Harry Transponders Available - New or Trade In

The RC4 Harry Transponders will be available at the race for trade in or new Sale. Details of the RC4 System and Harry Transponder can be found here.

New Harry Transponders are 72 each including clip.

Trade in your old PT or Clone and get a new Harry for 42.

Trade ins will be available after racing finsihes, to avoid transponder number changes.

Live Race Results

In addition to this website, you can get Race Results to your phone or if you are the event to your PC.

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad go to the App Store and install application bbkRClive.

If you have Android, Blackberry or another phone that can browse the internet visit our Mobile website http://mob.bbkrclive.com

If you are planning to take your laptop to the event you can download DRIVERnet here. DRIVERnet will only show results if your PC is connected to the WiFi at the event. The local WiFi will not give you internet access.

If you would like to Tweet into the Event Dialog use #players2012.

Racing Format Saturday and Sunday

During the whole event you will need your 2 digit ID number (see Drivers listing) on your car on the front and on both sides. Numbers will be available at the track.

You should marshall the race after yours as usual. The marshal postion will be your car number in the race. This will be the same during practice and qualifying but will vary during the head2head races. It will be on your race schedule sheet.

Drivers will be sorted into groups for the one round of timed Practice. This will be followed by 3 rounds of qualifying in the same groups to select the top 24 drivers for the Elite 2wd and 4wd classes based on the best 3 lap sequence in any round. Start order in Practice and Qualifying will be race number in Round 1 and by fastest total race time in rounds 2 and 3.

All Heats/Races will be 5 minutes plus time to finish the last lap.

After qualifying the head2head races will be sorted. Each driver will get a race schedule sheet listing the races they are in with crystal, transponder number and car number (marshal position).

All head2head races will start with a two row grid. In round 1 cars with an odd ID number will be on the front and in round 2 cars with an even ID number will be on the front of the grid. This will alternate for all rounds of the head2head races.

The overall results of the head2 head races will be based on finishing position. All finishing positions will be added together after discarding the two worst finishing positions. The wiiner in each class will be the driver with the lowest total. In the event of two drivers having the same total, the quicker time for the best finishing position will be used to break the tie.

Track opens at 07:00 Saturday and 07:30 Sunday for this event

This information will be updated during the event.